Brand Relationship Scan

Growingdale's Brand Relationship Scan measures the quality of the relationship between a brand and its stakeholders. The quality of a brand and its stakeholders will define its value. The stronger the relationship, the higher the perceived value.

The higher the perceived value, the stronger the relationship.

What is the result of a strong brand relationship?

  • Your customers will promote your brand to their peers

  • Your customers will exclude other brands

  • Your customers will be more forgiving toward your brand 

  • Your customers will defend your brand

  • Your customers will be involved in improving your brand

  • You need less marketing efforts to get even better sales results

  • Your return on marketing investment will be multiplied

What is a brand relationship?

A brand relationship is a relationship between a customer and a brand. In a way, it is different from customer relationship, since a customer relationship can occur between a salesperson and customers. It does not imply that there is a relationship with the brand. In the case of a strong customer relationship but a weak brand relationship and a salesperson decides to switch to another employer, the strong relationship with the customer will lead to the customer following the salesperson instead of being committed to the brand.

Why nourish a brand relationship?

A brand relationship, like any relationship, is biotic. Another word for biotic is ‘alive’ or ‘organic’ The proof for this is simple; if you neglect a relationship, it will die. Whatever dies, once must have been alive. Anything biotic needs to be nourished to stay alive. Hence, a brand relationship is biotic. 


Any relationship, including a commercial one, which is not nourished, will die. A brand relationship is biotic, and therefore we choose to talk about nourishing a relationship instead of managing it. Since a relationship is bilateral, managing a relationship sounds instrumental and condescending.