If your organisation is not biotic, it's not alive

A bit of history

In 2002, Biotic Brand Cultivation as a methodology saw the light of day. Biotic means 'alive' or 'organic'. The view behind Biotic Brand Cultivation is that brands are living entities and that brand-growth is an organic process.


Branding is all about people. People make it, and people break it. Since people are biotic beings and brands evolves around people, brands are biotic, and whatever is biotic is cultivated — not built. Biotic Brand Cultivation is an entirely new paradigm related to branding.

Why biotic?

Before being a result, growth is a process — a biotic process to be more precise. Whatever is alive grows, what is not, doesn't. In other words, if something is not biotic, it is not alive. The relationship between brands, companies or organisation is abiotic one — a living one. The proof? If you don't nurture a relationship, any relationship, it dies. Hence the evidence that a relationship is biotic and for the same reason companies, brands and organisation are. You take away the relationship with stakeholders, and you are left with a theoretical concept.


For this reason, we make a distinction between growth, expansion and crystallisation. They are entirely different, yet people mix them up. They are part of a different paradigm. The problem is that you cannot adopt the principles of expansion on growth. They are different worlds, requiring different approaches. If they get mixed-up, the outcome can be disastrous.  

A symbiotic economy

You can't grow your brand, business, organisation or project without stakeholders — internal and external stakeholders. Stakeholders can stimulate your growth if they are part of a symbiotic economy. A symbiotic economy is one where the growth of one stakeholder is beneficial for the other. It is an economy where the interests of all stakeholders are met without exception.


If your stakeholders experience that the relationship with your brand, business, organisation or project is beneficial for them, they will want you to grow. This wat symbiosis is all about and what happens in nature. In a healthy ecosystem, symbiosis is part of success.


We believe that a symbiotic partnership and the symbiotic economy is the key to sustainable growth – biotic growth.