When servicing our clients, our starting point is always their desired result. Their rational and emotional (psychological) result.  In other words, we don't simply follow the briefing of the client and deliver what is defined in the briefing. As strategists, we want to know whether what our client says he needs, is what effectively will contribute to the desired result.


Once the result is defined on a rational and emotional level, we start defining the prerequisites and key performance indicators that will contribute to that result. 

This way, our strategy and our proposition will directly relate to the end-result in a way our clients understand.

Serving customers starts with their desired result


  • Agrifood

  • Companies involved in the protein transition

  • Projects linked to healthy and sustainable food

  • Projects linked to sustainable horticulture

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Fair trade brands


Project Catalyst

  • Branding projects to attract the desired stakeholders

  • Stimulate a symbiotic economy between partners sharing the same purpose

  • Creating symbiotic connections between various disciplines within the same project

Brand Catalyst

  • Helping organisations and companies convert products into strong brands

  • Helping brand owners to convert their brands from an A brand to an A+++ brand

  • Improving the relationship between brands and stakeholders

  • Increasing brand equity

  • Integrating branding into a marketing and sales strategy


  • Help family business to optimise and transfer the value of their businesses to the next generation

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