Growth is a process before it

is a result

Growth in a nutshell


Growth is a process — a biotic process. Biotic means 'alive'. In other words, if something is biotic, it grows. If it's not biotic, it will not because it is not alive. Growth obeys natural laws. Obeying the laws of growth will lead to fruitfulness. In the opposite case, the outcome will be purely accidental.


Growth is not something we can invent. It is there since the beginning of time. All we can do is understand the processes which drive growth and obey the laws of growth. These laws are:

  • Everything grows according to its own nature (what you saw is what you reap)

    • The quality of the DNA defines the quality of what you will grow

  • Whatever you nourish, grows

    • The quality of the nourishment affects the quality of growth

  • The environment has an impact on growth

    • The quality of the environment affects the quality of growth


The more a growth process resonates with the laws of nature, the more prolific it will be – exponential. If we go against these laws, the result will be meagre.




People may ask if the biotic laws of growth apply to a company, brand, organisation or project. Well, there is no company, brand, organisation or project without people.


Whatever growth you envision, it will happen thanks to the relationship between your company, organisation brand or project and your stakeholders. Any relationship is biotic and if it is not nurtured, it will die. What dies once must have been alive, thus biotic.


We mentioned before that growth is a process. Without a process, there 's no control over growth. Bear in mind that a process does not leave room for opinions.


Four prerequisites affect the success of a process:


  • the right resources/content

  • the right sequence 

  • the right proportion

  • the right amount of time


Change any of these and your result will be totally different. Ask a chef of a restaurant. He will be able to confirm how following the recipe to the letter will lead to the desired result. Once you master the process, you can start playing with it. However, without mastering the process, any kind of improvisation is doomed to fail. 

It is the same with corporate growth. If you don't master the growth process and don't know the laws of growth, you are like one who wants to build a rocket, yet doesn't know a thing about the law of gravity. 


This is why a 'scientific' approach to growth is crucial. First, you understand the principles that drive a specific behaviour and then you start working with them. 

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