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How to get intentional change and behaviour

Change is inherent to growth. Since growth is a biotic (organic) process, the lack of change is a sign that the growth process has stopped or is challenged. Let's say you look at a picture of a five year old child. Ten years later they show you a recent picture of the child, yet the child looks exactly the same as ten years ago. You immediately know something is wrong or someone is playing tricks on you.

In a growth process, change is normal. The opposite is abnormal.

Change is unstoppable

Change is not something you can stop. Change happens whether we like it or not. The question is whether change goes in the direction we want to. Whether we control it or are overcome by it.

Prerequisites for change

Intentional change and behaviour are linked to three prerequisites. In 1958, Lilian Ripple wrote a paper about the prerequisites for intentional change and behaviour. She stated that there are three prerequisites for intentional change or behaviour:

  • The right motivation

  • The right capacity

  • The right opportunity

We looked at these three prerequisites and redefined each one in order to make them more actionable for our clients:

  • The right motivation (benefit(s), preference and urgency)

  • The right capacity (skills, tools and resources)

  • The right opportunity (time, stimulation and continuity)

If you master these three prerequisites for intentional change and behaviour, you will be in control of change – almost.

The human factor

There is always the unpredictable human factor.

People can oppose change for a number of reasons. However, there are three predominant sources of opposition:

  • Cognitive - not understanding the why and how behind change

  • Emotional - feeling insecure about the impact of change on the person

  • Transcendental - having the conviction that the proposed change is detrimental for a company or organisation

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