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The simple truth about growth strategies

When it comes down to growth, the strategy to unlock it is very straight forward. Growth needs to be nourished and cultivated — That's it. If you don't nourish and cultivate what you want to grow, it dies. Hence, the proof that growth is biotic and that everything that dies if not nourished, is biotic.

In respect to how to nourish what we want to grow and the environment in which it grows, there is one determining law. It is the law of the minimum a.k.a. Liebig's Law of the Minimum (Justus von Liebig 12 May 1803 – 18 April 1873).

It states that the growth rate does not depend on what is overabundant, but on what is lacking the most. In other words, that what is deficient will define how much you can grow. If you take care of the deficiency, growth will be unlocked.

In the context of business or organisations, we need to understand what aspect of the stakeholders' relationship is undernourished. Moreover, we need to look which external conditions that could favour growth, need addressing.

Exploiting your strengths while neglecting your weaknesses will not generate exponential growth. It will limit your growth potential, since the aspects that could favour growth are underdeveloped.

Remember that undernourishment and over-nourishment are both detrimental to growth. Finding the right balance is key to unlocking your growth potential.

Defining a growth strategy becomes straightforward. Look for the minimum factor and take care of it until it is no longer the minimum factor.

The question is not what needs to be done, but rather how it needs to be done. Since every brand, company, project or person has a unique DNA, how something should be done should be in line with someone's or something very nature. Otherwise, mutation will kick in and the strategy will be opposed or in the extreme case, will make things worse.

This is not rocket science. Farmers know this. They practice it all the time.

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